Airplane movie

There is a specific type of movie that is so perfectly suited to watching on an airplane. The kind with lots of action and a pointless plot and while there are usually no less than 4 screenwriters if you choose to watch it without audio the dialogue is totally unnecessary.

Sahara, National Treasure and Ms. Congeniality 2 were three of the 5 movies on my plane this weekend and it’s amazing how interchangeable all three of them are. As one ended I would switch to the other and barely register the difference. Granted Sahara and National Treasure are basically the same film but oddly enough Ms. Congeniality blended right in.


Mike said...

I wish there was a movie on my flight this weekend. Instead I had three super-obnoxious children surrounding me in THX Stereo. As if the noise wasn't annoying enough, the kid behind me decided the tray table was the most fascinating toy he'd ever encountered.

dave said...

It's Sandra Bullock, I think. I saw "While You Were Sleeping" on a plane and it seemed perfectly acceptable in that situation, for some reason. Either Sandra Bullock, or Peter's Gallagher's Hypnotizing Eyebrows.

TMC said...

When I flew back from Ireland about five years ago, we decided for some reason that it would be easier to fly to France first (2 hours further west) and then back home. Luckily, on the plane, we got to see Charlie's Angels 2 1/2 times, as well as three airings of the same episode of Tom & Jerry.