On vacation with the Flanders family

I guess everyone has their own ideas about heaven. In mine, it's a place where there's lots of good live music, free beer and all the Snowballs and Andy Capp Hot Fries you can eat. My own private hell, meanwhile, would be an endless vacation at this place.

See, it's funny, for about a minute, until you realize it's a real place. And that there are probably lots of people who'll pay good money to go there. And then, once you've had that realization, it's scary. Very, very scary.

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TMC said...

Yesterday, i had an away message in my archives about Andy Capp and my brother made a Hot Fries joke... what are the odds that that would come up in consecutive days?

As long as we don't start making tons of jokes about The Lockhorns or Fred Basset, I guess it's okay, though.