Uh Oh! It's Magic!!

For some reason that song by who know's who is ricocheting through my head right now.

The recent release of Batman Begins reminds me of the time when I was 4 or 5 and my mother bought me some Underoos. I wanted Underoos like nobody's business and finally she went and got some. She had them behind her back and said "I got you some Underoos" and I jumped up and down with glee but then she showed them to me: they were Batman Underoos. I sighed and otherwise expressed intense disappointment, perhaps stomping my feet or something, because they were not Superman Underoos. So as punishment my mother denied me use of these Underoos for the day, but not before saddling me with a sense of her intense disappointment at my ingratitude. I think later that night she relented and I paraded around the house in Batman's underwear with a blue towel pinned around my neck, striking poses on Ottomans and whatnot to the delight of my fawning relatives (I was the first grandchild).

In any case, I think it interesting that even at age 4 that I was convinced that Superman was so much better than Batman. I imagine that my only point of comparison besides cartoons was whatever my friend(s) had at the time. I think they, or he, I don't know, how many friends are you supposed to have at age 4 or 5? had Superman Underoos.

Obviously Superman could take Batman with his superhuman, otherworldly strength and X-ray vision, but today it seems Batman has triumphed in the public eye--are there any further Superman sequels in the mix?? I wonder if today's 4 year olds are cognizant of the cultural zeitgeist and prefer Batman over Superman because of his inner anguish and tortured humanity.


Gwydion said...

Um, yeah -- they're making a Superman movie now, in fact. :)

aaron said...

You're right, of course. I forgot. However, it is interesting that after 4 Batman movies, the superhero still fascinates enough that we have to have a fifth "prequel" that not only explores his origins, but "gets it right" in the way that the last 2 Batman movies did not. As far as I can tell, which is not very far, the latest Superman movie seems to be motivated by the intersection of 2 Hollywood trends: remaking every comic book superhero and every 70s tv show and/or movie...I can't wait for the remake of Cannonball Run!

aaron said...

Which, apparently, is already in the works. http://www.comingsoon.net/news/topnews.php?id=9789

joe said...

The new Superman looks oddly midget-like in the suit:


The costume also begs another question: Will movie execs ever realize the stupidity of the underwear outside of the pants? We accepted a change in the X-Men's outfit for the movie. We will accept Superman not wearing the tighty redies over his long johns.

Also, don't forget about Smallville. It's still alive and kicking.