Another karaoke possibility

Do you think the karaoke machine has music and words for Pac Man Fever?

If you've got the fever, you can read "news" updates about the song and its creators, see "where are they now" style photos and even stream Pac Man Fever 24/7 at this website.

And who knew there was an entire album of video-game-related hits? Try as they might, though, Buckner and Garcia couldn't manage to replicate their initial success with follow-ups like Do the Donkey Kong, Froggy's Lament, Goin' Berzerk or Ode to a Centipede.

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dave said...

I dont know about that, but I do know about the Super Bowl Shuffle.

You know we're struttin' for fun,
Struttin' our stuff for everyone,
We're not here to start no trouble,
We're just here to do the Super Bowl Shuffle.

I don't know why those pussy-ass Patriots don't get off their high-horse and into the recording studio. One thing you have to give the Eagles, T.O. and Freddie Mitchell would have been working on that song on their way to disneyland.