Getting Jiggy Wit Debt

As TMC pointed out, Saturday’s Live 8 concert raised awareness of African debt relief, pressuring the world’s 8 most powerful leaders to end world poverty through ear splitting guitar licks and body rockin’ b-b-b-beats.

But can’t anyone else see what’s really important here? Where the real story lies? It’s been overlooked by the pop stars, media, and politicos alike.

The return of DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Last seen being thrown from the steps of Judge Philip Bank’s Bel-Air home, Jeff has spent the last 10 years locked in the lab with nothing but his turntables and crates full of Bob James records. Last Saturday, DJ Jazzy Jeff donned his headphones once more and took to the stage in Philadelphia.

While Jeff has kept busy running his “A Touch of Jazz” production company, churning out hits like…umm…er…hmm, his former partner Will Smith has struggled to find work, resorting to no name indie flicks like Independence Day, and the subtle and esoteric Wild, Wild West.

Jeff has returned to help launch Smith’s aptly titled new album Lost and Found. Godspeed, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Godspeed.

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TMC said...

About two weeks ago, my fair city honored "the legendary Jazzy Jeff" (according to the press release) before a Phillies game. I suppose they'd already been turned down by Color Me Badd.

Also, I hate the Phillies.