Press Release of the Week: I'm so confused

I have no idea who, or what, Crazy Frog is. From the picture he looks kinda like a coked-up WWII fighter pilot. Or maybe he's the retarded half-brother of The WB frog, and the helmet is for his own protection. At any rate, Crazy Frog recorded a song, and now has an album. The album is called Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits. People in England, apparently, are eating the shit up.

Although, from what I can tell from the press release, the "song" is really just a ringtone. How the fuck does a ringtone get on the British music charts? Can any noise, heard often enough, make the charts? Could Really Loud Fart in Elevator be the next big thing? How about Bus That Honks Every Time It Drives By My Goddamned House, Even in the Middle of the Night When I'm Trying to Sleep?

The whole thing makes my head hurt. I've included the entire press release here. Feel free to explain it to me in the comments section so I don't have to sit up all night wondering about it.

Crazy Frog to Release ''Crazy Hits'' in the U.S. NEW YORK
(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 29, 2005--The Frog that has made England "crazy" is now making its way across the ocean to the American shores with the August 23, 2005 release of "CRAZY FROG PRESENTS CRAZY HITS," on Next Plateau/Universal.

CRAZY FROG's debut, "Axel F," is a combination of a ringtone from Jamster!, a premier provider of mobile content, and the theme song from the classic Eddie Murphy film, Beverly Hills Cop.

"Axel F," leaped to #1 on the UK Singles Chart and was outselling the #2 single, Coldplay's "Speed Of Sound," by three to one. This marks the first time in UK chart history that a ringtone has not only competed for chart positioning with conventional full-length tracks, but has reached the #1 position.

Crazy Frog has held #1 spot for five weeks on the Eurochart. It also ranks #2 in Finland, #2 in Sweden, #2 in Austria, #1 in Wallonia, and #1 in Norway. Estimated European sales are over one million to date. Not too bad for an animated blue biker that is based on a ringtone.

"CRAZY FROG PRESENTS CRAZY HITS" will include such classic tunes as: "I Like To Move It," "Whoomp! (There It Is)," "Pump Up The Jam," and "Who Let The Frog Out." "Axel F" has already started to create a buzz at radio, with recent adds at such stations as New York's Z-100, jumping to Top Five at Radio Disney and being the #1 requested song at Sirius Satellite Radio.


TMC said...

You've got to admit: "Who let the Frog out," is a pretty damn clever pun.

I assume the barking is replaced by a croaking sound though.

joe said...

Goddamn crazy brits.