Things I'm Pretty Sure Special Agent Johnny Utah Did Wrong in Point Break

So Point Break was on yesterday and I was just hungover enough to watch it and enjoy it. Twice. Following an exercise some friends carried out one night, I’m listing out the things I can remember that Special Agent Johnny Utah Did Wrong. If I remember correctly, there were 64 on the original list. Below are 10, off the top of my head.

I'm no FBI agent, but I’m relatively sure that jumping out of a plane without a parachute, or letting the guy you’ve been tracking for a year go so he can surf a giant wave are not listed as proper procedure in the FBI handbook. That said, I’m sure there were way more than 10. Please feel free to add your own.

Things Special Agent Johnny Utah Did Wrong in Point Break:

10. Befriend notorious bank robber/surfer/zen something-or-other Patrick Swayze and his notorious gang of surfer bank robbers.

9. Go get Gary Busey a meatball sandwich right when the bad guys start robbing and shooting people.

8. Jump out of plane with no parachute.

7. Fall in love with Lori “Tank Girl” Petty.

6. Let bank robbers kidnap Lori “Tank Girl” Petty.

5. Allow self to be more or less kidnapped by notorious bank robber gang (note: this also has something to do with being in love with Lori "Tank Girl" Petty).

4. Play serious touch football on the beach with notorious bank robber gang.

3. Tell notorious surfer bank robber gang his real name.

2. Be named “Johnny Utah.”

1. Let Patrick Swayze ride “Fifty Year Wave” instead of taking him into custody.


Mike said...

I saw Point Break yesterday too! Well, only about half of it, actually. How come no one ever uses that as their answer to "What's your favorite Patrick Swayze movie?"

It was funny seeing The Busey in that movie, now that I'm used to seeing him on Enntourage playing himself as a complete nut job. Incidentally, I looked on IMDB and Busey's been in 73 movies since Point Break. And I've only heard of 8 of them.

Best titles of movies Busey has appeared in since Point Break:

--The Hand Job (2005)
--Soft Target (2005)
--Ghost Rock (2004)
--G-Men From Hell (2000)
--Jacob Two Two Meets the Hooded Fang (1999)
--Hot Boyz (1999)
--Livers Ain't Cheap (1997)

joe said...

I'm also pretty sure the FBI discourages their agents from needlessly firing their side arms into the air simply because they are angry about not apprehending a suspect.

Do a lot of Busey's post-Break movies sound like gay porn or is it just me?