Too Old for Cold?

My youthful, beautiful girlfriend just yelled in from the other room, as thrilled as I've ever heard her about anything: "Honey, guess what? Coldplay is coming. And you know who's opening? Rilo Kiley. We are SO going."

Now, I'm 37, and immediately upon hearing those words, it was like I could literally feel myself aging in Superman-like superspeed.

I went through this rapid transition from "awesome, hon" to "I wonder if they're already passe" to "I'm too old to like Coldplay anyway" to "Man, that traffic's really going to suck" in like four seconds, leaving me laying on the couch in a bummed-out heap in complete awe of the simply miraculous fact that I even know Rilo Kiley at all.

It's even more miraculous that I think they rock.

So what I find myself wondering is this: when does Coldplay become Oldplay? How old are you when you can't go to pop music concerts any more?

And will somebody PLEASE tell me if Coldplay is already "coldplayed out?"


Mike said...

It's so hard to tell these days what's hip, what used to be hip but is now too popular to be hip, etc. I say just listen to what you want. I still like Coldplay, although their latest album I wasn't such a big fan of.

Like Grandpa Simpson says: I used to be with it, then they changed what it was. Now what I'm with isn't it anymore and what's it seems weird and scary.

joe said...

Here's what I go by: KEXP still plays the shit out of Coldplay. Maybe not as much as the last album, but quite a bit, so the kids are still into them as KEXP plays a lot of requests--and is, by far, the coolest station in the known universe (that's empirically proven by the way).

Also, every now and again, the DJs spin Coldplay at the indie-brit pop dance nights I love so well. What’s more, most of the hipsters dance. Granted, there are some who sit in corner scowling and missing the glory days of “Yellow,” but the majority of people there still get down when CP is played.

Especially when it’s “Clocks.”

Man, I love that song.

Does that make me lame?

Pete said...

I had no idea what all the Coldplay fuss was about, and then I finally acquired "A Rush of the Blood to the Head"...and now I *still* have no idea what all the Coldplay fuss is about.