The Week in Craig

I stumbled upon this fantastic weekly feature on The Black Table, which is obviously way cooler than us, because they thought of it first: the Week in Craigslist.

They focus on a different subject each week, list out some of the best ads from the knick-knack drawer/singles bar/yard sale/fetish club that is Craigslist, and then post snarky comments, generally about the amazing lack of self-awareness among some Craig posters. Such as this joker, who prefers that his new friends meet the following physical criteria: "my attitude is workplace NYC and non-denominational church, for the most part it doesn't make a difference--just appear to be middle class or higher."

He would also prefer that his new internet friends be Blood Type B.

Hard to believe this cat had to resort to the internet for friends. Anyway, check it out. It's a great feature and Amy Blair from the Black Table is mean and funny and I mean that in the best possible way.

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TMC said...

I used to hang out with this one guy every day. I mean, we were inseperable... until one day when we decided to donate blood together, and I found out he had AB blood. Haven't seen him since, that freak.