When Harry Potter fans attack

I realize that making fun of adult Harry Potter fans is like shooting fish in a barrel, particularly when those fans dress up in full costume for the latest book's release.

But when one of those costumed fans then goes home and rants on livejournal about how she lost the costume contest and thought about stabbing a child? Well, I consider that fair game.

"I made an effort. I spent money making an effort. I showed up early. I will remember and treasure this event for ever and eternity. And I'm passed over for an ugly little brat with a sparkly tie. Woo fucking woo.

I didn't stab her in the eye with my wand. I WANTED to. I talked about doing so VERY FUCKING LOUDLY. I was going to eviscerate her mother with the cover of my brand-new copy."
Really it's worth reading the whole thing. Lots of exclamation marks and all-caps anger, which is always fun. See, back in the pre-internet days, this girl would have had to go home and scrawl her angry screed in a diary decorated with frowny-face stickers. But now, thanks to livejournal, we all get to join in the good times.


TMC said...

that woman is insane. I like how many people are supporting her in the comments, saying "this is just another example of how children ruin all our hard work. I went to [insert ridiculous nerdfest] in 1998 and spent 4 years making an Aquaman costume, but lost to a BASTARD CHILD"

I wonder if they consider that they're losing because they're entering competitions geared toward children?

My god. The more I read, the less faith i have in humanity. At least this woman's a Brit, as far as I can tell.

Kistulentz said...

The same woman will now regress in her costuming to dressing like that chic with the beehive hairdo on the original Star Trek