I haven't gone to sleep yet, so it's still Monday, so I can write about how much The Aristocrats sucks.

Yes, there are some supremely funny moments. Robin Williams' joke about the rabbi with a frog on his shoulder is a highlight. And watching comedians laugh -- well, that's just contagious. But between the laughs are these yawning chasms of boredom, strewn with comedic dead bodies like Bob Saget talking about fist-fucking a donkey. (No, it is NOT funny.) This is a rental, folks... at best.


TMC said...

I was skeptical about that movie... I mean, the same joke 100 times consecutively? And the joke itself seems predicate mainly on shock value, which can only go so far.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

joe said...

I liked the flick, but it’s safe to say it was made for a generation suffering from ADD. I don't think there's a single shot that exceeds ten seconds in length.

That being said, there was something hypnotic about watching 100 different people go in 100 different directions with the same base material. In some ways, it was more like going to a jazz concert than listening to a joke, one riff constantly melding into another, connecting and juxtaposing in odd, interesting ways.

It was also nice to get into the thought process of a guy like George Carlin who is impressively thoughtful about being a comedian and what comedy can do.

Still can’t figure out why they included so much Paul Riser. I like Mad About You as much as the next guy, but couldn’t the have found someone a little more relevant?

dave said...

I didn't really want to see that movie in the theater, but now that I know it is heavily focused on Paul Reiser, AND features Bob Saget talking about donkey fisting, well, yeah, now I'm pretty much sure I'm not gonna see it.