High school, in perpetuity

Any guesses as to what school year we're on these days in The OC universe? I only ask because Soap Net has been replaying old 90210 episodes, and it reminded me of the ridiculous 90210 premise we were asked to buy into retroactively: that in Season One, all the kids (except David Silver and his annoying cowboy hat friend who eventually shoots himself) are sophomores in high school. Which, if you ever go back and rewatch the first few episodes of the show, is patently ridiculous.

I'm guessing our friend Josh Schwartz is gonna try and pull this same crap with The OC, since we're about to start the pivotal Season 3 and nobody's graduated yet.


TMC said...

I feel the need now to remind you also of the second senior year experienced by those wacky kids at Bayside, after Jesse and Kelly were replaced by Tori, who wore that very tough-looking leather jacket.

Mike said...

Then didn't they bring back Jesse and Kelly for the graduation episode as if they had never left? I think Chuck Klosterman wrote an essay about this that's in Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs, how Saved by the Bell pulled the old switcheroo and I guess just hoped no one would notice.