It's Wild!

Okay, so it's movie day here and I'm so lame I haven't been to the movies for weeks, and my pal Netflix keeps delivering the first season of Northern Exposure (which is great, in case you didn't know that already), so let me offer you this online movie, Wild Jack Savage.

Yeah, it's a do-gooder-y viral marketing piece for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, but it's pretty funny. Plus, the cat playing Wild Jack -- to perfection, I might add -- is a friend of mine, and I'd really like it if he couldn't walk down the street without people shouting at him, "It's Wild!"

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Kistulentz said...

There is a great episode of Northern Exposure that has a Midnight Cowboy parody in it. Of course, this was back when John Corbett wasn't best known as Sex in the City doofus, too.