A Quick Post That’s All About Pimp’in

Hey y'all

As most of you know, in addition to the blog, Barrelhouse has a slightly more respectable section where we occasionally publish shortish, fiction-type things. We just posted a new piece called Made. It's by Don Ball and it's really, really funny. You can check it out here. Also, in the tradition of our successful spam poetry contest, we've got a new invitational dedicated to our one true love: The Swayze.



TMC said...

ever see the documentary American Pimp? It's on BET at least monthly. Very interesting, actually, especially when they go to the national pimp convention (which is like holding the National Heroin Dealer's Convention, and not being arrested for it), or when one of the pimps-- dressed in full pimp gear-- declares that God is the original pimp.

Check it out. It's good for both informative purposes and for uninentional comedy.

dave said...

I'd like to add that all bloggers and contributors are eligible to compete in this Patrick Swayze competition.

Kistulentz, TMC, Kirkpatrick -- I know one of you has a thousand words in you about a world famous professional "cooler" or the genius behind "She's Like the Wind."