Reality x Reality x Dutch Reality

I knew Stacey Richter was brilliant, but it seems that one of the major plot points of her story Reality x Reality (featured in the first issue of Barrelhouse) has actually come true.

It's a great story: funny and creepy and now we can add prescient to that list. Haven't read it? Only one solution for that: buy Barrelhouse.


Mike said...

I guess it was only a matter of time.

When they say the birth will be presented "in a tasteful manner" I assume they mean the same tasteful manner usually employed on reality TV.

In other words, the mother-to-be will be latched into some sort of stirruped device, and the Roommate Challenge will be to aim the baby's "launch" at a padded target and away from various obstacles: hungry sharks, a few crocodiles, maybe some electric eels.

That'll be good TV.

aaron said...

You mean that hasn't happened in Fear Factor yet? Joe Rogan, who I thought was great in NewsRadio, but is now just a bore with a whiny voice, intoning: Guess what, teams, one of you delivers the baby, the other one eats the placenta!

Lesley said...

So according to Dutch law:

Dutch law limits a child to a maximum of four television appearences before its seventh birthday, for no more than four hours per appearence. Filming must be during daytime hours, and a child can't be the main focus of a show.

Another reason to move to Holland. If that were true in this country the Olsen twins wouldn't be millionairs.