Some Stuff You Can Read While We Sit On Our Asses

Well, Mike is lounging in his loungey chair this morning and it looks like we're all following suit here at the Barrelhouse Blog. Since today is lit/comics/etc day, and I have nothing to add of consequence, below is a list of places (other than the old Barrelhouse, of course) where you can find some great online and offline fiction, poetry, comics, and all that jazz.

Some of these are more or less official Friends of Barrelhouse and some are just the places where I go to waste time. They all have great stuff and should provide some nice diversions as we all continue to fake our way through the work week.

I know this is a lame excuse for a post, but the alternative was a rant on why you should all be using Firefox, and seriously, nobody needs that. But seriously, you should all be using Firefox -- you do know that, right?

Okay, now that that's out of my system. Go. Be entertained by others:

3AM Magazine: Chock full of fiction, reviews, interviews, and just about anything else. If you can't waste a few hours on this site, you're not paying attention.

Bullfight Review: Nice little litmag, with great, odd, funny online fiction published regularly. Buy the print version, you won't regret it.

Eyeshot: You probably know about Eyeshot, but let me call your attention in particular to the rejection letters.

Kitchen Sink: Superfunky site for the superfunky mag out of San Fran. A little bit of everything.

Monkeybicycle: I dig their print version, and issue 4 is coming down the pike soon. They also keep the website fresh with new fiction every now and then.

PopMatters: Pop does matter, goddamit. This is a great site to waste time on -- features, inteviews, reviews of music, books, DVDs.

Swivel: Fiction, poetry, comics, and randomness from the mag that aims to be the "nexus of women and wit." Funny women? They're out there, they're writing, and Swivel is publishing them.

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