We Do the Work So You Don't Have To: Some Email Lists You May Want to Consider

As a bit of a follow-up to our Abe Vigoda and Bea Arthur discussion earlier this week (by the way, Vigoda is still alive, according to my Abe Vigoda Status bar), here are some emails lists you may want to think about signing up for, or signing up your friends (which is, I might add, an underrated practical joke -- trust me, if you want to annoy your friends, the Dom DeLuise e-mail newsletter is a nice way to go).

Carrot-Top: Fan Club Newsletter

Dom DeLuise: Get the latest Dom DeLuise news, recipes, events!

Shatner: Get email from Bill!

Bea Arthur:"the LimeLetter"

Matthew Lesko: Updates from Lesko

Meat Loaf: Order the Meat Loaf newsletter and you will be informed about all important Meat Loaf news such as tour dates, TV entrances, CD releases, raffles and a lot more.

Kajagoogoo: Mailing list.

Richard Simmons: You've just got to sign up for my E-Newsletter! It only takes a minute to join. And, once you do, you'll receive regular updates sent to your personal e-mail address about what's going on with the site. You'll be among the first to know about any new features, special events, and what's new with me. I know you don't wanna miss anything, so you don't want to miss this opportunity to be "in the know." Take a minute and JOIN NOW! And it's FREE, too! Oh, such a deal!

Nelson: News from the (newly renamed) "Nelson Brothers."

Other, kind of scary stuff:

I don’t know what will happen if you fill this out, but apparently "Gallagher" (the watermelon smashing, suspenders wearing not very funny comic) is “interested in you!”

And then there’s the bad news. Unfortunately, the David Hasselhoff email newsletter has reached its limit of subscribers. Check back soon!


TMC said...

Why does Hasselhoff have a limit on the number of subscribers? He only wants a select few fans to know what's going on? What if I want to know about the rap album he's making with Ice-T, on which his name is Hassel the Hoff? I feel betrayed, Michael Knight.

Contrarian Genius said...

Actually the Gallagher that is interested in you is not the original Gallagher, but his brother. Basically the original died, but not before brother stole his act, etc.

joe said...

>>Why does Hasselhoff have a limit >>on the number of subscribers? He >>only wants a select few fans to >>know what's going on?

I think it has more to do with the fact the entire country of Germany is probably on the list. That would clog up any server.

Kistulentz said...

There is always the Vin Diesel fact generator.