Finally, a board game Michelangelo and Donatello can get...well...on board with...

Ladies and Gents, if you are looking for the "next" thing in board games, look no further than Cluzzle. Cluzzle is what you get when you mix...yup, you guessed it--clay and puzzles. The game is just like pictionary, but with clay, but HERE’s THE TWIST!!!—you don’t win if no one can guess what it is!!! So your sculpture must be semi-competent! See! See how fun it is!! As the ad for Cluzzle says:

"Cluzzle is a fast-paced game filled with laughter and incredulous eye-rolls…"

Are the eye-rolls themselves incredulous, like "up in the skull showing nothing but the whites incredulous"--in which I must posit that demonic possession is probably taking place, or are the eye-rolls only expressing incredulousnessity? You be the judge. Buy the game.

Full Disclosure: I went to college with the designer of Cluzzle and to be honest, I find the dude to be very annoying. However, any publicity is good publicity as they say, and I guess since I'm not a successful bored game designer who won $15,000 playing MAGIC: THE NERDY CARD GAME, the joke's on me.

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