For British Eyes Only

I just have to second Dave's assessment of Arrested Development. I missed the first episode of Season 3, but this show's genius was displayed in so many ways in the second episode that I am still laughing. And with next week's introduction of Scott Baio as Attorney Bob Loblaw, it will only get better. I say, if you can get the whole cast of Happy Days on the show while maintaining this level of comedy, go for it! Pottsie, Mouth, bring it on!

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Lesley said...

This is the funniest show on TV. Although I think I am getting old because I could not believe they got away with the bit about Buster's hand at 8 o'clock.

I love that they are replacing Henry Winkler with Scott Baio. As long as they don't replace Ron Howard with Ted McGinley it's all good.