Swayze in the Poconos!

Earlier this year, my special lady and I were in search of a venue for our impending nuptials. A cursory view of the DC wedding scene convinced us to look somewhere else—shit in the and around The D.O.C. is more expensive than a kick in the nuts. Since she comes from Long Island, another locale that takes its weddings seriously and charges an amount per head reflective of it, we ended up, more or less by default, looking into places near my parents in Northeast PA. I'm proud to say this is one of the joints we toured.

Here’s the money quote:
“Mr. Casella is frequently told that his life resembles that of Johnny Castle, the dancer portrayed by Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, the 1987 homage to places like Woodloch. It is a comparison he embraces: after all, he began dating Ruth, the woman who is now his wife, while she was a Woodloch waitress. They now have daughters, ages 10 and 7.”

Interestingly enough, when we finished our day of viewing possible locations we could use to bind our souls before God and loved ones, we met up with a friend of mine. I told him we looked at Woodloch and decided against it, citing the fact it wasn’t us. He gave us a knowing glance and said, “A little too Dirty Dancing, right?”

He hit the mullet right on the head.

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