Econo is the new Pitchfork

There's a new, hip magazine/media outlet on the block, and it's name is Econo. Launched by Barrelhouse issue one contributor Matt Kirkpatrick and friends, Econo is a welcome addition in that it includes all of the music buzzgroups that make me feel old and in the way, but does so with flair and a real knack for good, solid writing.

Econo includes features ("Not Getting it on at CMJ: A Memoir of Indie Love"), music reviews, quick interviews with heavy hitters like Yoko Ono and Boots Riley of the Roots, and great little thingies like "Stoner Poetry: Turning Rock Critic Purple into Poetry," wherein they parse paricularly purple passages -- say that five times fast -- from well known rock critics.

The site is updated daily, from what I can tell, with new additions and regular features coming on fast. Check it out -- you can be the first to tell your friends that old pitchfork they're leaning on is old news.

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