The Overheard Snippet of Conversation of the Week

I need a go-to blog post, like Mike's Press Release of the Week. So here's a shot at it:

Overheard Snippet of Conversation of the Week:

"So I said, fuck it. I mean, I am on vacation, right?"

Said by: Homeless guy

Said to: Newspaper box

Location: Dupont Circle Metro, Washington, DC

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TMC said...

I just had my students do an exercise that involved them stalking people and listening to conversations, then jotting down the five most interesting quotes they heard while stalking. Then, I took them out of context, mixed them up into small groups of sentences, and distributed them to students, telling them to work with those sentences in dialogue, etc.

Some great ones:

“After I kicked him in the back a few times, he got the point that I didn’t want to talk to him anymore.”

“I don’t care if smoking bothers you—your kids bother me, but I don’t tell you to get abortions.”

“I don’t think dolphins actually do that…at least not the ones I saw at Sea World, and I think that’s a pretty good—representation—of dolphins in general.”

“I wasn’t expecting anyone to give me money for taking off my thong.”

“I swear to God it smelled like burnt hairs, and then he ate it, I couldn’t believe it!”

...And so on.

Could be a good go-to post, Dave... i'm intrigued.