A picture's worth a thousand words

Long-time Barrelhouse fans may be curious about the people behind the curtain, the individuals who are hard at work bringing you your various entertainments. So, as a public service, I've decided to post pictures of a few members of Team Barrelhouse, so you can put a face to the name of some of your favorite Barrelhousers (trading cards are, of course, imminent).

First up is Barrelhouse editor Joe K, "the cute one." But hands off, ladies -- Joe's taken! Joe's interests include Classic Rock, Monster Truck Rallies and internet bingo.

Next up is Barrelhouse editor Dave H., "the funny one." Dave likes long walks on the beach, Jello shots and "blasting his pecs."

Here we see editor Aaron P., "the crazy one," gearing up for battle over which stories will be featured in Barrelhouse #3. Aaron's turn-ons include Plato's Republic, punctuality and scissor kicks.

Next is Barrelhouse Business Manager Dan B., aka The Colonel. Dan enjoys mayonnaise sandwiches, capitalism, and the collected works of Ayn Rand.

Finally, a couple of our regular friend-of-the-Barrelhouse contributors. Steve K., aka The Contrarian Genius, Issue One contributor and periodic blog poster. Steve lives in sunny Florida, where he wrestles alligators and Republicans with equal zeal.

And last, but certainly not least, Barrehouse Blog Superstar TMC, who's currently working on his first novel, a 25th century intergalactic erotic thriller.


This is Dave. Since Blogspot won't let me post photos in the comments section, it's only fair to add here, since Mike neglected to post his own likeness.

Here's Mike, encouraging Kevin Costner to stop making movies, by god stop making movies now before we all forget about No Way Out and Bull Durham.

And we wouldn't want to leave out our poetry editor, Gwydion:


TMC said...

It took me a long time to make that sign.

Mike said...

Touche, Dave.