Prussian Blue

Via Gawker you can access a disturbing and apparently true story about a white nationalist "girl band." But, before you read the story, first take this incredibly easy quiz:

The twins names are:

a) Blanche and Blair
b) Lamb and Lynx
c) Paley and Paula
d) Snowe and Sun

One of the girls' songs commemorates:

a) David Duke
b) James Earl Ray, Killer of MLK
c) Rudolf Hess, Key Deputy to Hitler
d) Malcolm X

Which song title was actually composed by the twins?

a) My White Milkshake Is Better Than Yours
b) Take Your Hands Off Your Sister (Put Your Hands On Me)
c) Because The White Belongs to Lovers
d) Rescue Me (From the Zionist Conspiracy)

Which band routinely opens for the twins?

a) Hatey and the Hatersons
b) Whitey and the Whitastics
c) Racist Rob and His Angry Racist Mob
d) Jethro Tull

What is the next "White Nationalist" trend to mimic pop culture?

a) White Power Hipsters -- Whipsters. They dig the white nationalism and support the future race war and all, but they'd rather wear vintage white hoods and collect White Power albums from the Resistance Records back catalog, rather then parading around, thrusting fists in the air and making noise. How gauche.

b) White Power Gangsta Rapper -- Shame on the wigga that tries to bust game on the wigga

c) A White Power-sponsored NASCAR driver. "And the white car, number 666, takes the lead..."

d) "White Power" Gentrification, in which urban centers are transformed from aging and abused, but still structurally sound brownstones to small, serviceable trailer park lots. Old neighborhoods with proud, historically resonant names such as "Old Yards" or "Charleston View" will be renamed "We can come and go as we please" and "Git the hell off my proptree"

Scoring Guide:

1 = b
2 = c
3 = Reader's Choice
4 = Reader's Choice
5 = Reader's Choice

Your Score:

1 question right: Go Back Where You Came From!
2 questions right: What You Lookin' At Wit Dem Beady Little Eyes?
3 questions right: Now Yer Talkin'!
4 questions right: You Kin Have My Sister If'n You Want 'Cause I Am Done Sick Of Her
5 questions right: You Drive A Hard Bargain So Go Ahead and Take My Favorite Sheep But If You Touch Her In The Way She's Accustomer To, She Won't Give You No Grief, Unlike My Sister But I Reckon You Know All About That Now


BEEBEE said...

I am a proud member of the white race in the United States. My ancestors died in the American Revolution, The Civil War, World War I, World War II and I have a son that served five years in the Marine Corp. I can trace my ancestory back to the early 1600s to Scotland.

I teach my children to respect all people no matter what their ethnos is! But, our small family has an understanding that we do not mix races. That is our right to have that belief structure.

These girls are not doing anything wrong. They are not calling for the exterminantion of the black race or any other race. If blonde haired, blue eyed or brown eyed peoples mix with other races, that genetic trait becomes brown forever. Is that your desire, to see complete genocide of the white race?

BEEBEE said...

To add to the above, because of the blood shed of many of the white race, you have the freedom to write on a blog as do I. Just because ABC says something is so, does not make it so. Or, have you been so brain-washed that you cannot discertain the difference between fact and fiction? Why don't you go to National Vanguard and read what those that support Prussian Blue have to say about them? That is what I did because I definitely do not believe everything I see or read.

God Bless America!

joe said...

We at Barrelhouse would like to thank the Michigan Militia for their contribution to this blog.

I could go into a big thing here: race is a construct that came into being fairly recently in human history; that skin pigmentation has more to do with the amount melanin in your skin than anything else; that race isn’t determined by color; that the wars fought by the United States--at least in the history I've read--were in the name of America as a whole and not just one faction of it, but I'm going to take a different route.

According to beebee's profile, her favorite music is classic rock, and how we can we seriously consider the opinion of someone who would admit to that on a website anyone can read? Don't you realize how terrible that is? It hurts my heart.

I would, of course, like to state for the record I'm not anti-classic rock per-se; I'm simply against listing it as your favorite genre. It says more about a person more than any racist diatribe possibly could.

Mike said...

Actually, beebee, I would be quite okay with everyone turning a luscious shade of brown.

I'm guessing your favorite Patrick Swayze movie is "North and South."

aaron said...

Dear Beebee:

We would all love to never hear from you again, but since you profess yourself a Christian, I recommend that you read through the Acts of the Apostles, and ponder upon the story of Peter and the vision he had of all of the "unclean" animals, which God then told him to eat. And wonder if God was really just making a dietary recommendation.

Patriot Fan said...

Probably A White Power-sponsored NASCAR driver.