The two funniest jokes I heard on TV all week

1. From the new Ricky Gervais show Extras (which, if you have HBO, you should definitely check out). In Episode 2, Ben Stiller is taking himself way too seriously as the director of a war-and-tragedy movie, and gets mad at Gervais' character, an extra.

Ben Stiller: Who are you? Who are you?
Gervais: Um, no one?
Ben Stiller: That's right. No one. And who am I?
Gervais: Is it, um, Starsky or Hutch? I can never remember.
Ben Stiller: Is that supposed to be funny?
Gervais: I don't know, it was your movie, maybe you could tell me.

2. Comic Greg Girardi, from Dave Attel's Insomniac Tour:

"You know that show The Contender? [After audience members clap] Oh, you like that show? What part do you like best? The part where they cart the boxers' kids out and put them right in the front row so they can see their dads get the snot kicked out of them? Is that the part you like? And we already had a reality show where we looked for the best boxer. It was called boxing. It was a pretty good fucking show."

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aaron said...

That guy was on Colin Quinn's old show and was pretty funny. One of his stand up things was going on about Colombia, where apparently he grew up. His joke was more or less along the lines of: Colombia's two biggest exports are coffee and cocaine, and people wonder why we're a little edgy down here. Good stuff.