What Idiot Wrote These Things?

Pssst, have you heard about this site called "The Onion?"

I actually hadn't checked it out for awhile. Like the Daily Show, I just know its always there, and its always funny. Like this article: "What Idiot Wrote These Ten Commandments."

Like most of what's on the Onion, really funny. But the thing I liked about it especially is that its kind of a writing workshop breakdown of the Commandments.

One tip I would give this writer is to lay off the God stuff. Or at least dial it back a little bit. And you're not impressing anybody with the Dr. Seuss language.

After all that jazz about God, the author just keeps on going: "Don't take the Lord's name in vain" is the next one. What is it with this guy and God? I'm beginning to think he's one of these church types. Where's the stuff we can use? Where's "No pushing"? Or "Bag your leaves so they don't blow around in your neighbor's yard?" And don't even get me started on right-of-way. Didn't they have real problems back in Bible days?


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