Give'em some of your bling because if they don't last I might die

Since we’re trying to sell a product here—several issues of Barrelhouse #1 are still available—it’s probably not a good idea for us to send your money elsewhere. However, the only radio station I listen to is currently in the midst of their pledge drive and could use a few bucks.

KEXP is based in Seattle but streams theirs shows online in real time through their website. The station is listener supported which means no commercials. Plus, it’s one of the few places left on public airwaves that actually allows DJs to program their own shows rather than using focus groups and demographic studies to determine what gets played. That means instead of Puddle of Mudd and whatever other piece of shit band happens to be on the top twenty this week, KEXP plays stuff like My Morning Jacket, Ted Leo, and Interpol.

But even if that music’s not your cup of tea, they still deserve credit for being a beacon of independence in the otherwise shark infested waters of corporate radio. God, that was the worst mixed metaphor in the history of time, but you get my point. Give the station a try and if you like it, give’em a few bucks, too.

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