Clerks 2, Capitals 0

Hockey season is just 120 days away. Or something like that.

But in honor of Clerks 2, I thought I'd raise this somewhat ridiculous question: what movie would you most like to see a sequel to?

Keep in mind that sacrilege is funny. Like that scene in The Player when Buck Henry is seen pitching a sequel to The Graduate, where Mrs. Robinson has had a stroke and has to move in with Benjamin and his wife.

That, my friends, is comedy.

Saving Private Ryan 2: The College Years?


aaron said...

How about a sequel to "In the Line of Fire," which starred Clint Eastwood as an aging, perhaps washed up Secret Service agent who must foil a plot to assassinate the President.

In the sequel, he can be called back to duty, like in "Firefox," from his remote nursing home in the wilds of Montana, to protect the President once more. It is just a ploy, however, and the one really marked for death is Eastwood himself.

We can call it: "I'm in the Line of Fire and I Can't Get Out"

Dan said...

Sophie’s Choice Strikes Back

Stingo’s continued research reveals that Sophie’s daughter Eve, who she thought she sacrificed in favor of her son Jan, did not actually die. In fact, Eve’s death was faked only so that she could be raised as a Nazi assassin. Eve, however, always felt betrayed by her mother’s choice and after the war ended tracked her down in America. It is revealed that Sophie and Nathan’s deaths by suicide were actually an elaborate ruse by Eve to cover her own murderous revenge. Stingo, remembering his one passionate night with Sophie, tracks Eve to her mountainous hideout in Brazil, where he and retired archeology professor Indiana Jones face down the Nazi scum once and for all. For all the treasure. For all the choice.

dave said...

Since those cagey bastards already put out Road House II, and we all know about Teen Wolf II, I guess I have to say either Point Break II (come on, you know Bodhi lived through that wave) or Double Jeopardy II, which would be Quadruple Jeopardy. The world is crying out for another Ashley Judd revenge/thriller/outfits vehicle.