Notes to the POD People

It's probably not nice to make fun of the well-meaning people who self-publish their books through print-on-demand companies like PublishAmerica. But it is funny. This brave blogger waded through a bunch of them and compiled a few helpful editoral notes for the POD people.

A couple of my favorites from the list:

--I'm not sure what this means: "He was everywhere and nowhere all at once; he smelled like tuna."

--Reykjavik is in Iceland, not Russia. By the way, it's not in Poland, either.

--Mickey Mack McKeldinroy. Not necessarily my top choice for a name for your protagonist--considering he's Italian.

--Are the folks who make Sunny Delight paying you for the abundant product placement? I mean, really, who drinks Sunny D with a porterhouse?

--Actually, I think the planets revolve around the sun, not the other way around. Oh, and there's nine of them, by the way.

Although, I have to add a snarky note of my own to the author of the post: I'm pretty sure dialectical doesn't mean what you think it does.

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