The Wire and the Triumph of Capitalism

According to this Slate interview, David Simon, creator of The Wire, believes that his show is about the triumph of capitalism, at the expense of human value.

I would contend that his show, especially in the 3rd and 4th seasons, is about the frustration of capitalism, or, rather capitalistic instincts--and because of that, the decrease in human value.

Characters such as Bodie and his ilk, Bubbles, Randy, and others are incredible entrepreneurs whose efforts are thwarted because the things they sell are considered illegal--mainly for non-economic reasons of a moral or public health nature.

Should these things be illegal? What is the price of enforcement, and can it be effective? I think David Simon is giving us a clear answer to the second question. And when the War on Drugs gives us no-knock raids on 93 year olds and more than mere bungling investigative work that kills innocent American citizens, you have to wonder about what reality is telling us, too.

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