The Year's Worst: Books

Now that Studio 60 and Friday Night Lights have been roundly beaten about the head and shoulders, I suppose we should move on to Worst Books of the Year.

Unfortunately -- or fortunately, for all purposes other than this blog post -- I don't read too many bad books. Unlike the passive medium of television, where all too often I'm left with little choice but to switch it on and let the awfulness wash all over me, with books I have a little more power of selection. I teach at a university and have access to its library, and there are so, so many good books in the universe that I want to read. Every now and then, I find one of them to be mildly disappointing, but then I just put it down and move on to the next one.

So for this category I guess I might have to turn to books I haven't actually read. OJ's book -- If I Did It, Here's a Painfully Accurate and Detailed Accounting of Exactly How I Would Have Knifed That Bitch -- comes to mind. Or that Paris Hilton book -- did that come out this year?

Or maybe the He's Just Not That Into You book, though really that comes down to T.V., too, since the only reason I hate the book is because it's forced me to keep seeing the book's author on the tube, and that dude's like a bad cross between Dane Cook, Dr. Phil and Andy Dick.

Clearly, Barrelhouse Peoples, I am clueless. So it's up to you: Worst Books of the Year. Have at it.


Matt said...

How about Updike's Terrorist? That was pretty awful (despite some good passages here and there)-- Racist stereotypes, a plot that the worst Tom Clancy rip-off would be ashamed of (unless Updike is the worst Tom Clancy rip-off, in which case I imagine he's proud of himself), and probably the worst sex scene I've read all year, between the Irish-Arab zealot of a protagonist and the choir girl-turned-whore-in-two-weeks high school crush of his. Just terrible, really. Maybe Salman Rushdie said it best-- "Terrorist is beyond awful. He should stay in his parochial neighbourhood and write about wife-swapping, because it’s what he can do.”

indierockfan said...

Recently, I read a book called The Memory Keeper's Daughter- which for lack of a better word was horrible! Kim Edwards probably is the worst author I've ever read- who ever edited that book forgot to tell her it sucked major!