Hey, this would make a great story!

The most hated words a writer can here from his/her non-writer friends. Basically, anything can make a good story, so anything can make a bad story too. But there are some stories that are just too friggin amazing to ever be "story-ized", and this is one of them. Money quote:

The girl, called Ro Cham H'pnhieng, went missing as an eight-year-old along with her cousin when they were sent to tend cows near the border with Vietnam.

Villagers believed they had been eaten by wild animals until a girl was caught last week by a logging team as she was trying to steal some food they had left under a tree.

With blackened skin and hair stretching down to her legs, she was unrecognizable apart from a scar across her back that allowed her father to pick her out.

After 18 years in the wilderness, police said she was able to say only three words: father, mother and stomach ache.


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