Who knew Streisand's hairstylist could be so intimidating?

This may be old hat, but via the funny sports blog Kissing Suzy Kolber is a great, thought long (20 minute) YouTube clip (scroll down a bit, but there's good stuff along the way) wherein Kevin Smith talks about his experience writing a script for a Superman movie in the 90s that never got made. The movie was to be produced by Jon Peters, a musclebound freak (a book about him said he was prone to violence and could barely read) who started out as Babs' hairstylist and has had producer credits for Vision Quest (probably the best 80s sports movie ever), the first Batman, Wild Wild West, Ali, and the most recent Superman, among others.

I would have to agree with that blog that, while I don't really enjoy his movies, I'm glad someone like Kevin Smith is around. Not only is he entertaining in person and by all accounts unpretentious and accessible, his success gives us all hope.

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