Barrelhousing Through Atlanta

Who's headed to AWP? And as the "spiritual leader" of Team Barrelhouse, does that earn me the pale ale of my choice? I am of course completely willing to pay for my own drinks, but let's hear from all team members...who's going, who's staying where, and most importantly, who's driving.


aaron said...

Steve, I believe most of us will be down there comng in Wed. and Thurs. via aeroplane. Should be a fun time, hopefully with a full-scale brawl involving us and the ladies of Glimmer Train.

Mike said...

Aaron, did you just promise the rest of us a slap fight with the sisters of Glimmer Train? Because I think you did.

My original proposal was that, instead of paying the booth fees for the conference, we just drive down in an old van and set up a table in the parking lot, Dead-show style. We could sell journals, Rogue beers and garlic grilled cheese.

Unfortunately, the rest of these jerks insisted on cowtowing to The Man.