Searchin' for a Douchebag

While you're navigating the topsy turvy, unbelievably dense waters of these magical tubes we call the Interwebs, do you ever wish that you could be personally led through this maze of information by your very own former backup dancer, baby-daddy to the rich and insane, certified douchebag?

If you answered YES, then the new Search With Kevin just might perfect for you.

That's right: Kevin Federline will now lead you through the internets, just like he led Britney through motherhood and celebrity. You just might wind up int he same place: shaved, crazy, cowering in the corner of some high-end recovery center while some lesser known and corpulent Baldwin prattles on about Alec this and Billy that.

But wait! There's more! "Every time you search the web, you stand a chance of winning a prize from Kevin Federline!"

Come to think of it, this could be just the thing to return America to real productivity. Download this search engine and you'll never again want to use the internet. Enjoy!

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