What's your food got to do with me? I got some food!

I watched an episode of this clown parading around Spain eating crap even Spaniards wouldn't eat (Unlike Lisa Simpson, he swallows that tripe.), and I bet I'm not the first person looking forward to his capture at the hands of cannibals who then eat him alive.

BLOGGERS NOTE: It is my inalienable right as an American to eat food that in no way physically resembles its sources; such hypocrisies represent the apotheosis of civilization and I will bask in it, thank you very much.


Mike said...

I haven't been able to make myself watch this show, though I like the Anthony Bourdain program that precedes it.

I think it would just make me nauseous, in the same way Fear Factor makes me nauseous.

TMC said...

"...in the same way Fear Factor makes me nauseous."

So you're saying Joe Rogan is on this show too?