Perhaps no literary magazine in the entire world is as plugged into the Scranton Pennsylvania scene as Barrelhouse. That's why I think it's perfectly appropriate to plug this -- Kevin and Angela from The Office get "the full Scranton Experience."

Perhaps our Scranton ex-pats can fill us in on what exactly that might entail. I know that, where I grew up, the Full Experience would include a pack of Marlboro Reds, a few shots of Wild Turkey, about 18 Busch Lights, preferably all consumed while listening to Def Leppard in the middle of a cornfield. Oh, and gravy. Lots and lots of gravy.

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Kistulentz said...

Well I can't legitimately speak to the Scranton experience, but the Hazleton experience (about 45 minutes south) includes Saturday night happy hour at the VFW or the Legion, drinking Rolling Rock in pony bottles at the side of a long-abandoned coal mine, then throwing the empties down into the pit of abandoned equipment, a late night grilled cheese sandwich at Gus Genetti's diner, and 8AM mass.