Barrelhouse Loves Its Contributors In a (mostly) Non-Erotic Fashion

"I received your long letter of complaint today. I welcomed it, for I too once rebelled against my father. The story of how my father carried me for forty years should begin by acknowledging that I didn’t always look over his shoulder. I slept down the hall from my parents, for example, in a bed my father encircled with white pickets. The fence was not high, but it kept me on the mattress. Most nights when overcome with restlessness I walked on my knees from pillows to foot of my bed, back and forth till I collapsed into sleep. This was something I never wanted my father to see. Our experiences were so merged, I needed this knee-walking to establish a semblance of independent self. ..."

Barrelhouse contributor, Barry Bonds defender and all-around Decent Human Being Lee Klein has a story up at Agni. It's about a father who carries his son (literally) on his back. No, it has nothing to do with that "Footprints" poem.

Check it out.

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