The Symphonic Sound of Sopranos Spoilers

What are the odds, would you say, of my being able to not find out what happens in the final episodes of The Sopranos between now and the time the final DVDs are released?

So far it's coming at me from all sides: this blog (see posts below, which so far I've avoided), the newspaper (this morning's Philadelphia Inquirer features the following headline: "Sopranos' Star: 'No idea' what show's ending signified.'"), even the radio (On a recent drive, I tuned into the sports talk station only to hear "And now we're gonna spend some time talking about that final Sopranos episode.")


Maybe I should just give up. After all, finding out what happens won't ruin my eventual watching of the show, right? I found out Rafael Nadal won the French Open final a day before I was able to watch the Tivo'd match and I still enjoyed seeing the thing play itself out.

But maybe here on the blog we could take a brief break from the Sopranos mania and instead talk about some shows those of us too cheap for HBO have access to: Top Chef just kicked off its third season, after all. Or what about America's Got Talent? Everybody loves The Hoff, right?

Or what about Kyle XY? I've never watched it, but I hear he doesn't have a goddamn bellybutton! and that's just crazy.


TMC said...

I hear you, Mike.

Of course, I'm even further behind than you, but I've been trying pretty hard not to hear about the end of the series before I even get to the middle of it.

I can't blame people for talking about it, I guess, but I thought it would've been a little easier to avoid.

Joe said...

The great thing about The Sopranos ending is even if you find out what it is, it won't fucking matter. I'd explain further, but then I might give some of the nothing that is something away, and you might never speak to me again.