Barrelhouse Invitational: Pop Culture Essay Contest

It's back! Like Freddie Krueger or Kathy Griffin, you can't keep the Barrelhouse Invitational: Pop Culture Essay Contest down for good. We're looking for great nonfiction with a pop culture focus. The winner will receive $150 and publication in Barrelhouse print issue 6. One runner-up will be published in the online edition.

It'll run you $7 to enter. We know, we know: it's a drag to have to pay to enter a contest, even one as awesome as the Barrelhouse Invitational. The thing is this: we don't have much money, and we really want to be able to pay out a little bit of cash to the winner, so in order to do that, we have to charge a little entry fee.

But what's a little cash when we're talking about a possible home for your brilliant essay about Alice (the Brady Bunch's housekeeper) or The English Beat or The A Team or Star Wars cards or whatever it is that's bouncing around in that head of yours. You think the Paris Review is going to seriously consider your essay about how profoundly Morrissey has affected your life? You think Glimmer Train wants to read about your old Archie comics? Well, we do. We can't wait. We want to read those essays so badly that we'll pay you cash money if we like them enough, plus we'll give you a Mr. T in Your Pocket, free booze whenever we actually meet you in person, and a plum spot in Barrelhouse issue 6.

Enter today, and be sure to read the rules, as well as your helpful breakdown of "What Do We Mean by Pop Culture?" Click here for full contest information, more pictures of Mr. T, and links to enter.


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