The Hater: Sean Lennon and Some Model Named Irina

Are you reading The Hater, the AV Club's pop culture blog thing? You should be, because, like everything else associated with The Onion, it's consistently brilliant.

Here's a little snippet from the latest, Evidence that Sean Lennon and Some Model are a Terrific Couple, a wonderfully snarky deconstruction of a Fashion Rocks article that looks, from the evidence provided, to be completely unbearable, even more so than, um, everything else from something called Fashion Rocks.

Sean Lennon and some model named Irina aren't just partners in love, they're partners in music too!

Lennon...is happy to be working "with someone who doesn't have a problem with inspiration lyrically. I play three chords, and she makes up three verses without a blink, like a free-style rapper. We bang out two to three songs a night." Such is the extent of their connection that when [Irina] gets up from the table, Lennon follows, "Do you mind if I go out and just have one or two drags of her cigarette?"

I personally can't wait to hear the results of these three-chord fashion model freestyle rapping sessions. Sounds like exactly the way Dylan and the Band recorded The Basement Tapes.

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