The Old Guard

So I'm going to see the Police tomorrow. Actually, the way I should phrase it is this: I'm going to the Virgin Festival in Baltimore to see the Beastie Boys, the Fratellis, TV on the Radio, and Amy Winehouse, and the Police are playing, too.

Am I the only person in my demographic group who really doesn't give a shit that the Police are back together? I mean, the Police were good. They had some great little pop songs. People who know these things tell me that they're great musicians. But half the People Who Know These Things are practically walking around with signs around their necks that say "Ask Me to Explain the Cultural and Musical Significance of the Police."

I mean, this is not the Clash. This is the Police. As my friend Dave put it, "it's like if the Cars were getting back together." A good, serviceable pop group who never strayed so far into embarrassing 80s trends that their good, serviceable music would actually be embarrassing today.

Am I alone on this one? I guess we'll see tomorrow.

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Mike said...

I'm totally with you on the Police thing, Dave. I mean, I like their music fine, and I can understand, objectively, that it's good, but I still don't get what all the fuss is about. It's just kinda listenable ska-lite.