The West Was Won with Charm

After ordering a little late in the game, last week I received my copy of Jennifer “El” Knox’s Holliday, poems in the voice of gunslinger/dentist Doc Holliday, from Maureen Thorson’s Big Game Books. Readers of the Barrelhouse will recognize Jen’s poem “Doc Holliday on the Importance of Comradeship: Tombstone, Arizona, October 25, 1881” for Barrelhouse Issue 4.

This, along with four other Doc Holliday poems comprise the tiny book. It’s well worth the $3 to read lines like

One should strive to keep the right
Eye under the table, peeled for the pistol
Lying low inside each twitchy, tapping, dirty
Boot but—for the love of God—the left
On the ladies!

To get your eyes on the lady herself, she’ll be reading all around in October when her new full-length comes out from Bloof Books. Dates can be found here.

That’s reading dates, not romantic dates. Perv.

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