Who's in on the Joke? Jody Rosen and R. Kelly Make Two.

According to Slate's music critic (is this also the guy who praised Mariah Carey's miasma?) Trapped in the Closet is a joke*. Granted, i've only seen the MadTV and Weird Al parodies, but if R. Kelly needs to be known as the Subtle Ironist, then I think it's high time I gave up on life.

Money quote:

This is where Kelly comes in. He began his career in the early 1990s by playing to type—crooning come-ons and pleas without a trace of irony, accompanied by the usual pelvic thrusts. But as the years have progressed, Kelly has learned, as Kelefa Sanneh wrote this week in the New York Times, "that a subtle joke, or an unsubtle one, can make a slow jam feel more intimate and therefore more effective."

Baby please, don't tease
I'll tell a subtle joke
To make you squeeze
My ribs with laughter
And then after
We'll make love
Under the cov-
Ers, Now that's an unsubtle
rhyme, but give it some time
For an unsubtle joke
Like you are so fat you eat so much
Then drink a diet coke
Our love don't make no sense
I ask for dollars but you give me cents
pelvic thrusts now, unironic
we'll smoke up with the chronic

*That R. Kelly is in on.

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