Quotes From Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Preview Issue That Perfectly Capture What's Wrong With TV

"This is a very dude-like comedy that fits very well with Two and a Half Men."
--Josh Goldsmith, exec producer, 'Til Death

"We have a steroids arc. But our spin on it: Jason Pitts, he's cheap. He's on generic steroids! Then Jason's wife Kelly has the upper hand, so that's where the comedy comes from in that."
--Mara Brock Akil, creator, The Game

"We're bringing light and awareness to this city two years later, after America, the government and the news have gotten off Katrina."
--Cole Hauser, star, K-ville

"All I remember is: New Orleans cop show."
--Jonathan Lisco, exec producer, K-Ville, recalling the pitch meeting for the show

"We have an episode based on Brad Garrett's real life. He's super-tall but very bad at basketball. So we're going to do a coming-out episode where he has to admit to the world that he's very tall but can't play ball."
--Josh Goldsmith, exec producer, 'Til Death

"For the second season, we're going to stick with nuts and bolts relationship things. Adam and Jennifer will make a sex tape and learn the fantasy in your head is better than the reality. Jeff is going to have a snoring problem that causes a lot of conflict."
--Tom Hertz, exec producer, Rules of Engagement

"I'm the guy who knows the lyrics to a lot of songs, so I created a game show that's Who Wants to be a Millionaire meets American Idol: people sing a song and all of a sudden the music stops, the words disappear. Do you know the next line? That's it."
--Jeff Apploff, creator, Don't Forget the Lyrics!

"We want to be a family show -- and then surround that with fish out of water stories and animal stories."
--Michael Rauch, creator, Life is Wild

"We're adding a couple new characters. One is a university student who's also a blogger. He's doing a kind of Grandview Drudge Report, and he'll come into conflict with Melinda."
--John Gray, exec producer, Ghost Whisperer

"It started in a really true place -- it wasn't just how to make a TV show that could sell auto insurance."
--Josh Gordon, exec producer, Cavemen

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TMC said...

By hating on K-ville, you're implicitly saying that you hate black people.