Barrelhouse(ish) Event: Thursday at the KGB in NYC

Warning: Shameless Self Promotion Alert!

This Thursday, Barrelhouse Editor Dave Housley (also known as, um, "me") will be reading at the KGB Bar in New York City. This reading is the official launch for my book, Ryan Seacrest is Famous, the title story of which first appeared in Barrelhouse Online way back in the day when we were publishing our own work.

Full details on the KGB site.

I'll be reading with fellow Impetus Press writer Christian Tebordo, author of the brilliant We Go Liquid. Publisher's Weekly said of WGL:

TeBordo's wit and minimalist prose carry the novel, and sprinklings of wry humor keep the narrative from become too macabre. TeBordo has crafted an unsettling portrait of the dark undercurrents of youth and loss.

I'll either be reading the title story, which requires that I perform a Colonel Klink accent that I'm very bad at, and also includes a masturbation scene to Us Weekly, or a story about a dude who shaves his balls. Either way, it should be embarrassing for me and entertaining for whoever feels like coming on by.

Details here.


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