Jerry is Larry, Larry is Jerry, Jerry is Larry...That's It! Jerry's a Jerk!

Having had to sit through the Jerry Seinfeld TV miniatures on NBC promoting Jerry Seinfeld and/or Bee Movie, this Jerry Seinfeld backlash can't happen soon enough. Good to see he's doing his part to help it along.

Maybe, Jerry, just maybe, your wife is not doing it for the money, but maybe, just maybe, the author who wrote the first book is? Maybe, just maybe, she needs the money more than your wife? I guess if you're not doing it for the money, you can pretty much do anything, no? Like shill yourself out to a huge corporation that has nothing to do with your movie, just to sell a few more tickets to a mediocre movie? Personally, I think Jerry's wife wanted to fill the void of celebrity do-gooder wife now that Laurie David is out of the loop, and Hot Button Issue #2 is children's obesity and its chief enabler: cupcakes

The genius of Larry David is becoming clearer and clearer: When you are assholish rich, it's better to play one on TV too, rather than try to endear yourself to an American public that you never really liked in the first place.

More on the Jerry Seinfeld we are coming to know and hate.


Pete said...

Seinfeld's persona in those annoying ads (plus his promotional cameo on 30 Rock) is exactly the same as he was in his old show, which tells me two things: his talent hasn't developed at all during the last ten years, and he's a truly terrible actor. (True, I already knew the second one from watching his show, but these latest appearances just confirm it further.) I hope he's been enjoying counting his mountains of cash in the meantime.

Brian said...

He's seriously one of the most loathesome self-loving little weeds to ever become a household name.

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