A Clue to Spencer Pratt's (Continuing) Domination of US Weekly

Spencer Pratt's complete domination of US Weekly continues unabated. This week he is featured in page 16, a nice little shot of him and Heidi Boobjob standing next to... US WEEKLY'S PHOTO EDITOR. Surprise surprise.

The picture -- get it? -- is becoming clearer.

Heidi Boobjob also continues her streak, which somehow is less interesting to me than Spencer's. This week Heidi Boobjob got a lip job, so her lips are now the size of her original boobs. There's a kind of bizarro symmetry in that.

As always, I remain on the job, ever vigilant from my seat on the toilet, perusing US Weekly for the average one minute that it takes to spot Spencer Pratt's Steve Sanders-looking douche-mug. And I do it all for you. Until next week...

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