I watched the end of the early 90s movie Malice, starring Alec Baldwin as a brilliant doctor, Bill Pullman as a just as brilliant doctor, and Nicole Kidman as a batshit insane wife of Bill Pullman. It is a suspense movie that featured a scene of Alec Baldwin and Nicole Kidman on a beach, thankfully recapping the plot for us (as I'd just tuned in) but also Alec Baldwin constantly correcting Nicole Kidman for her improper use of grammar while speaking.

So you're a guy, and you're on a beach, and you've got a girl. What do you do? What DO you do?

a) make sweet love to her
b) make all too sweet love to her
c) when finished making all too sweet love to her, only then correct her on her grammar
d) eschew the lovemaking, correct her on her grammar

The writer of such a memorable, reality-defying-for-the-sake-of-logification scene: Aaron Sorkin.

You never would have guessed.

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TMC said...


Nothing's worse than grammatically incorrect dirty talk. You've got to make sure she's on board with the Strunk & White before she says something embarrassing.