Meet the Meet the Spartans!

This great film was the box office winner this past weekend, beating out the new Rambo movie, titled "Rambo: Screw the AARP". While some see this as a sign that our country is kicking itself down the Spartan bottomless well, I am heartened that it only brought in $18 million, which is clearly not a box office smash.

What is depressing, though, is the timidity of this movie's writers and producers and director, in not going far enough to test the patiences of America's dwindling moviegoing public. Just like in Idiocracy, where a movie with endless farting won Best Original Screenplay, and another movie featured a guy getting kicked in the balls over and over and over, why didn't they just release a movie where the head Spahtan just kicked people down into the hole for 2 straight hours? People besides Britney that needed kicking too, like Tom Cruise, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Bill and Hillary, Rudy Guiliani, Lindsay Lohan, Jerry Seinfeld, Josh Brolin, the list goes on so long, a 3 hour director's cut might be needed.

I would totally go to see that.

Defamer has some more fun with the movie here.

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